BAW & RCR. Private

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* The Meeting Point will be at 9:10am in front of the Hard Rock Cafe at Catalunya square.

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We travel first to Olot to discover walking the Athletic Stadium Tussols - Bassils (run a little bit if you want), then the Bath Pavillion and after this we could visit the RCR office and have lunch. After lunch we will take the coach to go to Ripoll to visit the amazing La Lira project to finally travel to Barcelona. 


Additional Information

The Meeting Point will be in front of the Hard Rock Cafe at Catalunya square.


Is from 9:15am to 19:15pm from Barcelona to Olot, to Ripoll and back to Barcelona. We visit the Athletic Stadium Tussols-Basil, The Bath Pavillion, the RCR office and La Lira space at Ripoll with 1.5 hours to have lunch. 

Another possibility is to have lunch at Les Cols restaurant of RCR architects, the place is amazing and they have a 20€ menu on Thrusdays and another reduce cost chances.


  1. Barcelona